Medicine Beach Deliveries

Medicine Beach Deliveries is a delivery service that delivers a whole lot more than pizzas. In addition to island-wide Pizza deliveries during regular Penderosa Pizza hours we can also deliver:

  • liquor/cigarettes
  • groceries/snacks from other stores
  • general pick up and delivery from Pender retail outlets such as the hardware store, pet supplies, automotive etc. Informal on-island courier services too!

 We Drive in All Weather

When it's storming, we don't let snow, hail, or any weather we've met stop us yet. Stay safe when the roads are worrysome and let us deliver your needed supplies right to your door.

Don't Drink & Drive

There is no need when we're happy to pick up and deliver what you need. Be aware that while we do offer liquor delivery we also follow BC's Serving it Right standards and we cannot help you acquire alcohol if you're visibly impaired or underage (ID will be requested).


We can offer relatively flat rates for deliveries from Medicine Beach to most parts of the island but when we add varying quantities from various establishments it has to be negotated with the drivers. For instance someone that has a full grocery list would necessarily be charged more for the time it takes to shop than someone would for a single bag of potato chips.

For pizza/med beach outlets:

  • magic lake +$5.00,
  • port wash zone $9
  • south pender $5-$12

General Deliveries: to be negotiated with driver

Call 250-891-2286

...if it's not on time, it's late!